We’ve had a few questions about the stone we selected for the protection kit so we put this little article about the stone, it’s history and energies it carries.

Sometimes known as Black Labradorite, Birds Eye Garnite, Pearlspar, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Norwegian Pearl Granite or Black Moonstone, Larvikite is a monzonitic Feldspar rock from the Feldspar family. It contains Nepheline Syenite, Plagioclase, Perthite, Anorthoclase, Anorthite, Orthoclase, and Albite. This stone is usually dark grey, dark blue or black. It also usually has Nepheline, Olivine and/or Quartz inclusions.

Larvikite is a black igneous rock made up entirely of feldspar that crystallizes in the form of large masses. Within the feldspar itself, small silver-blueish shimmering crystals that give Larvikite its notoriety and fame, known as the “Schiller Effect”. Larvikite is believed to have formed over 298 million years ago, at an estimated depth of 18 miles below Earth’s surface. The name of this mineral comes from the local town of its original discovery, Larvik, Norway.

Dressing Up The Space

You will have definitely walked into a bank or a fancy shopping mall and seen this stone on the walls but you might not have noticed. I am sure that after reading this you will see it everywhere haha. For those who live in Singapore, you can see it on the pillars in Orchard Road MRT Station.

However, Larvikite’s use goes way way back and is recorded in the 12th Century being used in the decoration of the outside of churches. The stone however has even deeper cultural roots with it being seen as protective in earlier times.

This rock became a popular stone to use in commercial buildings and is commonly used in the commercial world and even in homes, as kitchen countertops. However, there is also a deeper meaning & energy behind this stone. 

Inner Magick

Larvikite fully protects one’s spiritual and physical body, including the auric field, which takes away the worry of any negativity that might be in the world around you.

Larvikite is also known to be a stone of inner transformation that helps one better adapt to change, as well as accept and understand any benefits that may come with it. Larvikite helps one to access their inner strength and enables their personal willpower to intuitively pick the path of the highest good, assisting one to safely navigate any difficult process causing constant distress. 

This mineral is often referred to as the ‘worry stone’, as it is a neutralizer of one’s most powerful emotional reactions, anxiety. One will be able to live each moment without the burden of stress, while also dispelling any negative emotions that may build up throughout the day. Instead, Larvikite focuses on the positives around you and will help channel the good vibrations within. It is also known to dispel negative energy, and assists the brain to take in new information more easily.

The energies of this stone will protect one in their day to day activities, and will offer protection even when one is asleep or travelling. It is also very cleansing to the body, as it can remove the toxins and negative energies from both the physical and etheric bodies. Anything that is deemed harmful or unnecessary will be dispelled by the stone, and one will be able to enjoy a positive flow of energies.