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Protection: Ghostbusting Kit - Pendant (30mm)

Protection: Ghostbusting Kit - Pendant (30mm)

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Keeping You Protected During Hungry Ghost Month

The seventh lunar month, also known as Hungry Ghost Month is starting on 8 Aug. It’s the time for spirits to be released from Hell and allowed to walk on the earth for 15 days before being sent back. During that time spirits will wander here and there, and this is what has most people worried.

Specifically with spirits following you home and staying there, or spirits causing accidents while you are out living your life. This is even more true for those people who work past 6pm and into the evening.

At Stones Journey we have created a kit that will last you the month and help to push back these entities from affecting you while outside or staying in your house.

Our kit contains the following to support you during this time.

  1. A protective stone to be worn outside your house - either a pendant (diameter of 30mm) or bracelet.
  2. Two stones to place in your house - made from the same stone as the wearable it acts as a barrier for your home.
  3. Palo Santo Incense - to raise the vibration of your home and the other items in the kit. This stick of incense can be used for all 15 days and can also be used to raise your personal vibration.
  4. Guide - to help you use each of the items in the kit.

    * Should your size not be listed, you can contact us at info@stonesjourney.com