22 April | Establish Day

Crown & the Universe

Sahasrara the 7th chakra is where energy flows into our system, where folks get the ‘high’.

The Crown chakra is about unconditional love, the self-affirmation — 'I know’.
Common words associated with the Crown chakra point are ‘peace’, ‘light’, and ‘abundance’ (list not exhaustive).  It’s the ability to situate yourself in the world around you – not the spiritual world but the real world, the here and now in the present.

Signs of Crown chakra Imbalance:

  • Sense of loss, no motivation
  • Lack of direction in life
  • ‘Not feeling anything’
  • Lack of connection to the world, disassociation
  • Lack of focus
  • Hyper spiritualization, e.g. too much meditation
  • Feeling spaced-out

    * Last two points are effects of an overwhelmed Crown chakra

    Stones can support the balancing of the Crown chakra.

    • By placing them on or near the Crown during meditation or Reiki sessions.
    • By holding, placing them near you, or wearing them to carry the vibrations during meditation to improve visualisation.

    Other than stones, we also recommend essential oils like Lavender or Myrrh – diffuse or use topically to stimulate energy flow.

    One great way to incorporate both stones and essential oils into our daily lives is using Stones Journey 's hand-crafted soap infused with essential oil and with stones embedded within.

    Check out our Crown chakra collection if you are looking to get a stone to start your journey or contact us to find out more! :)